December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve! Let's Go For A Sleigh Ride!

  An absolutely stunning grey;

  A double set of sleighs...

  A gorgeous Clydesdale on a Christmas day...

 A Budweiser Christmas Greeting ...

December 22, 2011


  I am feeling really inspired lately by the magic in training and bonding with horses.  This is another example of some breath taking training.  From Emmassingale.  She also has a website.  P.S. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET WHEN RIDING.

December 13, 2011

Reiner Klimke and Ahlerich Gold Medal Ride at the 1984 Olympics

  The Gold Medal ride in Dressage at the 1984 Olympics. Reiner Klimke and Ahlerich.

 And of course, the victory lap:

From  equimusic's YouTube Channel.  Lot's of dressage goodies there :)

December 11, 2011

Extreme Cuteness Alert - Showjumping Shetlands!

  Cutest thing I have seen in awhile!  Look at these great little riders on their Shetlands showing off around this show jumping course. From the YouTube Channel of FastLittleFilly.

Live Your Dream.

  Because we all have a dream.

From raythegoth's YouTube channel.

December 4, 2011

Some Edward Gal You Gotta See! (Dressage to Violen)

  I have never seen anything like this, and I like it.  Such a unique way to experience the horse through music, and dressage.  The audience seem well into it.  From burghof11's YouTube Channel.

December 3, 2011

Amazing Derby Action from Hamburg Derby 2011

Alright, THIS is my kind of showjumping!  These courses are not only HUGE, technical, and SCARY AS HELL, they are long and include lots of different terrain.  This is the type of horse you want to ride into war on.  Anyone who completed the course is a horse God in my book, even if they only got through because they damn crazy.  I love the derby!  Check out these great rides :)

December 1, 2011

The Lit Quadrille at The Royal Winter Fair

The making of the Lit Quadrille by HorseJunkiesUnited (tonnes of goodies on their channel).

The Quadrille ...this is absolutely mesmorizing!  Enojy :)

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