December 3, 2011

Amazing Derby Action from Hamburg Derby 2011

Alright, THIS is my kind of showjumping!  These courses are not only HUGE, technical, and SCARY AS HELL, they are long and include lots of different terrain.  This is the type of horse you want to ride into war on.  Anyone who completed the course is a horse God in my book, even if they only got through because they damn crazy.  I love the derby!  Check out these great rides :)


Dressager said...

LOVED the first round. Iffy on the second round, and I was cringing on the third round. Not like I could do better LOL! Love the Hamburg Derby! War horses for sure!

Corinna said...

my heart was palpitating just watching!! and it stopped when the first rider knocked the rail. And is he wearing a hackamore?! I love how organized he is throughout the entire course- the horses may be a bit crazy to do the course (the downhill? hello!), but they sure as heck don't ride like their crazy out of control!

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